Ready for Love Podcast: Online Dating, Nikki Leigh meets Frank Kermit

Frank Kermit makes his first appearance on the Ready for Love Podcast with Nikki Leigh to talk about Online Dating

Nikki says:
Online dating is extremely popular, but it can be very confusing – even for people who have been doing it for years. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to get another perspective and to share some additional information. So, I invited Frank Kermit, an online dating expert to come talk with me. You will find more details below.

Some questions we discuss –

How did you get started as a dating coach?
How should you get started on an online dating site?
How do you choose or do you need to choose who to go on a date with?
What should go into an online dating profile?
How long should you wait before meeting someone in person?
How long should you make someone wait for sex if you meet them online?
What tips do you have about using a photo? Is it possible to date online without a photo?
What is the biggest obstacle that people face when online dating?

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